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Carli Lloyd: new history writer for the NFL? (part 2)

Hidden in the sarcastic and provocative words was a serious gender discrimination. In the midst of a country that promotes freedom like the United States, there are injustices and discrimination between men and women, so the story of Carli Lloyd is seen as a firecracker paving the way not only for female players to embrace the dream of joining the NFL, but also dissolving the discrimination in American sports in general.

Before Lloyd, there were a few female players who tried to break the stereotype but failed. Becca Longo is a case in point. She was the first woman to receive a football scholarship. Unfortunately, that’s all. Longo said that basically, she practiced vegetarian because up to now, the class is actively isolating Longo. They do not allow women to play with them.

American press said that there were two NHL American football teams inviting Carli Lloyd to join. Tom Brady used to show his support for Cardi. Maybe in the future, the NFL will have a women’s tournament and the name Cardi Lloyd will forever be remembered as a pioneer.

Does the NFL agree to allow female players to play?

According to NFL spokesman, Mr. Greg Aiello, the NFL’s law does not have a binding on the gender of the player. The NFL does not have a regulation that prohibits female players from playing. The requirement to become an NFL player is to graduate from high school and have good football skills. Thus, by law, Carli Lloyd is completely qualified to play in the NFL.

Carli Lloyd used to be a member of Man City

In 2007, Carli Lloyd joined the Women’s City team. Along with Man City, Carli Lloyd won the FA Cup female version. She is the one who scored the goal in the final. Unfortunately, Carli Lloyd’s loan period in Man City ended quite sadly. She elbowed Annie Heatherson (Yeovil Town) in the face and was suspended until the end of the loan period.

Carli Lloyd: new history writer for the NFL?

NFL is the US national football league, which defaults to the men’s playground. Nevertheless, the history of the NFL is about to turn to a new page. That’s when the female player Carli Lloyd shows that she is not inferior to any of her male colleagues and is receiving the support of the majority of American fans to become the first female player in NFL history.

Being Famous from a 54 meter kick

First, we need to clarify 2 things. First, Carli Lloyd is not a rugby player. She is a soccer player who is 37 years old. Lloyd used to win the World Cup twice with the American team and twice won the women’s football Olympic gold medal. Second, the NFL has absolutely no women’s league and no female player ever competed with male colleagues.

So what happened that the Americans created a wave of support for Lloyd joining the NFL? Not long ago, Carli Lloyd and the US team went to Philadelphia to attend a friendly match with Portugal. After completing his mission, Carli Lloyd decided to visit the Eagles training ground.

Here, Carli Lloyd was challenged by male colleagues to show off his football skills. And she surprised everyone when she scored a goal from 54 meters. It was a very difficult kick in the midfield line, something that not many male players can do. By chance, an Eagles player filmed the scene of Carli Lloyd performing this kick and posted it online. It immediately became a hot topic.

Since the video was released online, not only Eagles fans, but rugby fans across the United States have been constantly sending messages encouraging Carli Lloyd to join the NFL. She is fully skilled enough to compete and make history.

Will the history of the NFL change?

The Carli Lloyd event has created not only meaningful to her but is expected to open a path for female athletes to advance to the professional playing field. The NFL has long defaulted as a men’s playground. Therefore, when fans support Carli Lloyd, there are a lot of professional NFL players spoke sarcasm.