7% of Americans love football

From a place that is quite indifferent to football, in recent years Americans are gradually giving much love to the sport which is not the number one in the country of flowers. The major contribution to this change is the International Champions Cup friendly tournament that brings together many stars and brings fabulous parties to American NHM.

According to a survey published by Gallup, 7% of Americans love football, making it the fourth most popular sport in the country, after rugby (37%), basketball (11%) and baseball (9%). The fourth-ranked hockey player has now slipped to fifth, with 4%.

7% may be a small number if placed next to other countries, but it represents a boom in America. Compared to the same poll 4 years ago, the top 3 sports decreased interest rates, only football increased by 3%. Football also receives special attention from young people. Among those aged 18 to 34, 11% said they loved football, equal to basketball and higher than baseball.

It may be a coincidence, but undeniably the appearance of ICC since 2013 has helped to change the perception and pull Americans closer to the king sport. The match between M.U and Liverpool in Michigan recently attracted 101.254 spectators. However, it has not yet reached a record of 109,318 spectators in the 2014 M.U and Real competition in Michigan.

Now, ICC is almost an indispensable dish for Americans every summer.

Football can replace baseball

In the past, horse racing, boxing and baseball were the three favorite American sports. Many years ago these were rugby, basketball and baseball. According to an analysis on Forbes in early 2018, rapid growth will make football into the Top 3 in the future, replacing baseball.