Chicago Bears Schedule 2015 – 2016

This year is looking very interesting for Chicago. It’s time to continue on with my previous analysis, and go over the last five games on the Chicago Bears schedule. The first 12 games that they will be playing of this new season are going to be very difficult, it’s an especially important time to support your team and make it out to the games. You can check out tickets for every game below.

The Final Matches For Chicago

The beginning and middle of the season are going to be especially difficult for the Bears. Thankfully, the last five games they will be playing will be comparatively easier. The competition they will be facing in these matches is much weaker. If those earlier matches against strong competition proved to be too much they may already be out of the running for the playoffs at this point, but if fate is on their side and they managed to get enough victories this could be the final stretch for their chance at the playoffs. If the latter is true, the final few games are going to determine whether or not the Bears have a chance for a Super Bowl.

Chicago VS The San Francisco 49ers In Week 13

These two teams played each other just last year, and during the second half of the match Chicago was able to show the 49ers what they are made of and sync for touchdowns while not throwing a single interception. Both of these teams are not at their peak strength, and are trying to add strong players to their roster to beef up their Super Bowl chances, the Bears are sitting in a better position at the moment compared with the 49ers though. The 49ers have had key players retire, and have also seen some players leave because they were free agents. The head coach of the team, Jim Harbaugh, also left for greener pastures. None of these problems plague the Chicago Bears schedule. This gives Chicago a great chance at winning this match.

The Washington Redskins Week 14

During the 2014 season, you’d have a hard time finding a team performing more poorly than the Bears, but one of the very few teams were this was true was the Washington Redskins. They are showing any signs of improvement going into the 2015 – 2016 season either. One of the Redskins key players, Robert Griffin has been plagued by injuries, and it doesn’t look like he will be healed in time to make a difference during the upcoming season. There is a high chance that he’s going to be taking some big hits, and missing several games.

If Chicago is able to put their game face on during the first 75% of the season, we might just see them make it into the playoffs and have a bid at the Super Bowl. No matter what happens, you need to be there to support your team, check out the tickets above and see if there is a convenient date for you on the Chicago Bears schedule.